Planning a Wedding Hen Night for the Sporty Bride

The wedding hen night or the bachelorette party is the last night before a bride-to-be officially becomes a married woman. For this reason, bachelorette parties are not only important for the brides-to-be but also for their closest friends as well. If you are planning a bachelorette party for your friend, you would want to make the party fun and unforgettable.

In planning a party in honor of your friend, the future bride, you need to take into consideration the things that she likes. If your friend loves sports, you might consider throwing her a sports-themed hen night.

The first thing to do in planning a sports-themed party is to choose the venue. In doing so, you have to consider the favorite sport of the bride-to-be. You could rent a box in the ball park or make reservations at a golf course. You could also spend time watching her favorite sport. Buy front seat tickets to a basketball game or give her the best seats at a football game. Just remember to buy tickets ahead of time as certain tickets sell out very quickly. If you’re on a budget, you can plan an all-girls sports event-visit your favorite bowling alley and have a bowling tournament.

Prepare outfits for the party guests. Of course, if you want the bride-to-be to have a sports-themed party, you have to look the part. Get some jerseys and have them printed out with the names of the guests as well as their part in the wedding (i.e. maid of honor, bride’s maid, mother-of-the-bride, etc.). You can also do this using baseball caps, baller IDs, or sneakers. For your bride-to-be, you can get her an all-white jersey. Complete the get-up by letting her wear a cap with attached white tulle.

Don’t forget the food. For a sports-themed party, popcorn, pizza, and beer would definitely be the foods of choice. However, not every body might appreciate these foods the night before the wedding, seeing that everyone would want to fit into their dresses. If this is the case, you could forego the pizza and opt for more healthy food choices. A tennis lover, for example, would appreciate a country club-inspired menu complete with tiramisu, mint juleps, and salads.

Lastly, to make the wedding hen night really memorable for the bride-to-be, get her something really special. Get her a ball with the signature of her favorite athlete. Buy her the complete jersey of her favorite team, or surprise her by giving her a garter in the color of her favorite team.

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