A Guide in Planning a Wedding Hen Night

The wedding hen night or the bachelorette party is not only memorable for the bride-to-be, but for everyone invited. Bachelorette parties usually involve the closest persons in the bride’s life. The party usually is the last time in which the bride-to-be could bond with the women she loves before getting married. In order to throw a special party for the bride-to-be, you need time and careful planning.

The first step in planning a hen night is to discuss possible party dates with the bride-to-be. You would not want the party to interfere with any previous plans. Also, ask the bride where she wants the party to be held. Try not to talk about anything else regarding the party; except the invite list, the venue, and the date; with the bride.

Plan the party according to the personality of the bride. If she’s a simple type of girl, then she would probably appreciate something simple like an intimate dinner or a luncheon party. Girls who love sports would definitely love a sports-themed party. If the bride-to-be is into fashion, there are certain designers who could help you in planning a fashion show during the party. Spa-themed parties are also great. Other brides to be, meanwhile, desire for a wild night with their girlfriends. Whatever personality your friend has, remember to plan the party around her.

You can pick out the invitations the moment you have chosen a theme for the party. You can have them printed out or you can make them yourself to make them more personal. Choose the invitations according to the theme of the party. For example, terry robes with the initials of the guests embroidered on them would make great invitations for a spa-themed party. Send out the invitations about a week or at least three days before the hen night. In this way, the guests could still have time to prepare and schedule their plans around the party.

Plan the menu for the party. If you plan to make the food yourself, look for recipes and shop for the ingredients ahead of time. If you can, prepare some of the food a day before the party. You can also have the food catered. If you do so, ask the caterer for the menu and tell them your budget so that they can work around it.

You do not need to spend too much for the party. Any friend would appreciate a party thrown at their honor, no matter how simple it may be. The important thing in a wedding hen night is getting together with friend and family, and letting the bride-to-be feel how special she is to all of you.

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