A Guide in Planning a Wedding Hen Night

The wedding hen night or the bachelorette party is not only memorable for the bride-to-be, but for everyone invited. Bachelorette parties usually involve the closest persons in the bride’s life. The party usually is the last time in which the bride-to-be could bond with the women she loves before getting married. In order to throw a special party for the bride-to-be, you need time and careful planning.

The first step in planning a hen night is to discuss possible party dates with the bride-to-be. You would not want the party to interfere with any previous plans. Also, ask the bride where she wants the party to be held. Try not to talk about anything else regarding the party; except the invite list, the venue, and the date; with the bride.

Plan the party according to the personality of the bride. If she’s a simple type of girl, then she would probably appreciate something simple like an intimate dinner or a luncheon party. Girls who love sports would definitely love a sports-themed party. If the bride-to-be is into fashion, there are certain designers who could help you in planning a fashion show during the party. Spa-themed parties are also great. Other brides to be, meanwhile, desire for a wild night with their girlfriends. Whatever personality your friend has, remember to plan the party around her.

You can pick out the invitations the moment you have chosen a theme for the party. You can have them printed out or you can make them yourself to make them more personal. Choose the invitations according to the theme of the party. For example, terry robes with the initials of the guests embroidered on them would make great invitations for a spa-themed party. Send out the invitations about a week or at least three days before the hen night. In this way, the guests could still have time to prepare and schedule their plans around the party.

Plan the menu for the party. If you plan to make the food yourself, look for recipes and shop for the ingredients ahead of time. If you can, prepare some of the food a day before the party. You can also have the food catered. If you do so, ask the caterer for the menu and tell them your budget so that they can work around it.

You do not need to spend too much for the party. Any friend would appreciate a party thrown at their honor, no matter how simple it may be. The important thing in a wedding hen night is getting together with friend and family, and letting the bride-to-be feel how special she is to all of you.

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Tips to Have a Romantic First Night Full With Love and Pleasure

After a series of wedding rituals, your journey as a married couple starts and your ‘First Night’ is the starting point towards this journey. Grooms generally where have lots of fantasies and passion for this night; the brides at the other side go through the emotions of anxiety, hesitation and sometimes fear. The groom should keep patience and should take the approach to make his bride feel comfortable and confident. There is a very true & famous saying ‘Sex is not between your legs, it is between your ears’, hence it can not be enjoyed till both partners feel it from mind and heart. Start your night by initial interactions, express your feelings about your partner and thank him/her for becoming a part of your life. Such interaction would generate a romantic environment and would help the bride in opening up and generate a sense of trust, confidence and security in her. First night should not be considered for a mandatory sexual interaction and should not be approached with any fantasies in mind, but you should use the opportunity to make your partner feel comfortable with you for physical intimacy. And yes, if you could do that your first night would sow the seeds for your healthy and happy sexual relationship.

Below are few tips which you can follow to make your first night exciting and to create the everlasting and cherishable memories.

Room Selection and Preparation

Make sure that the room is not congested, a congested room gives a feeling of suffocation.
Make sure that the room is properly neat and clean and free from any foul smells.
If you have budget, get the wall covered with some serene wall papers, as a feel of serene environment would add fun and frolic to your night.
For bed sheets/covers, select some from the ‘First Night’ collection. Few companies have launched this collection you can get some good ones like ‘Printed Hearts’ etc.
Scatter some rose petals on bed. This is the simple, decent and cost effective way of decoration. However, if you have budget you can get special decorations done, ask your flower decorator for the same.
Spray some ‘Room Freshener’ to make the room smell good. ‘Room Freshener’ comes in many fragrances, you can select as per your likeness.
Prepare Yourself
Both partners must take a bath before entering the room. Idea is that you should have a clean body.
Check your breath; you must not have a bad breath. Wash your mouth and use some ‘mouth freshener’ or mint to avoid any bad breath.
If there is no toilet attached to the room then both partners should finish their nature calls before entering the room. It would be embarrassing to come out of the room in between.
Keep some light snacks like chocolates, sweets etc and juice/water in room. You may feel hungry and thirsty in night.
On Romance & Romantic Environment
Put on some lighter music and ask your partner for a dance. It does not mean whether you are a dancer or not, shaking a leg with your partner is the most romantic thing.
If you can sing then that could be a good medium to express your love to your partner. Pick up a song whose lyrics reflects your feeling and sing that for your loved one.
If you can play any musical instrument then play some of the favorite songs of your partner. Your partner would get impressed and touched on this.
If you are thinking that what about you, as you do not know either singing or instrument playing then you need not worry, you can still hit a six. Write a few lines about your partner or probably a love letter expressing what all thrills you about your partner, and gifts this to him/her. This would be the best ever gift on your first night to your partner and would be a keepsake/memento to cherish ever after.

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Wedding Lingerie – Creative Ideas to Steam Up Your First Night

Your honeymoon is a special occasions that you shouldn’t take for granted. Whether you’ve been together for years before you’ve decide to finally tie the knot or you consider your love story to still be in the works, you should take the time to plan out your honeymoon night so that you can have a truly memorable experience. Are you excited over your honeymoon? If you’re looking for tips that can guarantee that your first night as husband and wife turn into a steamy affair, then here are a few tips on choosing the perfect wedding lingerie that you should definitely keep in mind.

One of the first things that you need to consider when you’re looking for honeymoon lingerie is the type of personality you have. Lingerie should be an extension of your personality so whether you feel that you’re the sexy adventurous type or the sweet doting wife, don’t be afraid to show it. Since it’s your first night as husband and wife, don’t be afraid to play it up by making use of accessories. But try not to go overboard with the props if you don’t want to look like you’re going trick or treating instead of honeymooning.

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Planning a Wedding Hen Night for the Sporty Bride

The wedding hen night or the bachelorette party is the last night before a bride-to-be officially becomes a married woman. For this reason, bachelorette parties are not only important for the brides-to-be but also for their closest friends as well. If you are planning a bachelorette party for your friend, you would want to make the party fun and unforgettable.

In planning a party in honor of your friend, the future bride, you need to take into consideration the things that she likes. If your friend loves sports, you might consider throwing her a sports-themed hen night.

The first thing to do in planning a sports-themed party is to choose the venue. In doing so, you have to consider the favorite sport of the bride-to-be. You could rent a box in the ball park or make reservations at a golf course. You could also spend time watching her favorite sport. Buy front seat tickets to a basketball game or give her the best seats at a football game. Just remember to buy tickets ahead of time as certain tickets sell out very quickly. If you’re on a budget, you can plan an all-girls sports event-visit your favorite bowling alley and have a bowling tournament.

Prepare outfits for the party guests. Of course, if you want the bride-to-be to have a sports-themed party, you have to look the part. Get some jerseys and have them printed out with the names of the guests as well as their part in the wedding (i.e. maid of honor, bride’s maid, mother-of-the-bride, etc.). You can also do this using baseball caps, baller IDs, or sneakers. For your bride-to-be, you can get her an all-white jersey. Complete the get-up by letting her wear a cap with attached white tulle.

Don’t forget the food. For a sports-themed party, popcorn, pizza, and beer would definitely be the foods of choice. However, not every body might appreciate these foods the night before the wedding, seeing that everyone would want to fit into their dresses. If this is the case, you could forego the pizza and opt for more healthy food choices. A tennis lover, for example, would appreciate a country club-inspired menu complete with tiramisu, mint juleps, and salads.

Lastly, to make the wedding hen night really memorable for the bride-to-be, get her something really special. Get her a ball with the signature of her favorite athlete. Buy her the complete jersey of her favorite team, or surprise her by giving her a garter in the color of her favorite team.

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